Monday, March 26, 2007

Hey! Sry that I haven't posted in a long time. Nothing really interesting happend really all month.
I had my Kung-Fu Sash promotion on the 24th. I am now a Yellow Second in our system. It was alot of fun, we got to lion dance and demo some of our forms. We did Siu Mui Fah Keun, and Siu Mui Fah Keun Doy Dar. (for those that know what it is/how to say it right.) hehe..
Anyway I've just been getting over being sick and getting back to a normal routine. School,Chores,WoW, Friends. Our Washing machine over flowed on Friday the 23rd. Yeah soo we had to deal with all that. It's fixed now.. Yay! My brother and I bought a Dance Dance Revaluation game for the Box360. It's alot of fun. My brother the first day played it for 6 hours. Between Kung-Fu and DDR my legs are going to awsome :) hehe.. Well here's a picture of all the lions between our two school. My Sifu's school and his' Sifu's school. @ our sash promotion. That's pretty much what has happend this whole month. I'll be going out of town this coming weekend. So I think I'll hopfully have more to post then. Ja matta ne! (see you later!) (hope I got the spelling right there.)

Sunday, March 4, 2007