Monday, June 4, 2007

Well, my family and I just got back from West Virginia. We all had a good time at the conference,
and I for got to bring my camera with my into the meeting room like every time. :( So I wound up not getting to take any pictures. Oh well, anyway there was a dance Saturday night, it was alot of fun. We did the hokey poky, Benson wouldn't put his hip in. I had a nice weekend I got to rest somehow, though I went to bed pretty late every night. In just a few weeks I'll be off to L.A.
Those who haven't seen Pirates 3 needs to it explains the things they left you hanging with in the second one. It's a very good movie. My brother and I where talking and we realized that there's like 5 movies coming out that are the 3rd in line of that movie. Spidy 3, Pirates3, Shrek 3, Oceans 13 (it's the third :P) and Bourne Ultimatum. Anyway I'll try to keep you updated. when I'm in L.A. I leave on the 20th.