Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mother's Day

Well, I hope all of you have had a good week. I just started my new job this last Tuesday. I work at a florist, I've been enjoying what I do. When I think about the fact that I work at a florist it suits me. Pretty much everybody I've talked to has said the same. I don't think I would have ever thought about working at one. But, I picked an insane week to start there. Mother's day weekend has been very interesting. I pretty much had three days to learn the ropes of what they do there, before it went insane. I hope that it's not to crazy this Monday. Everybody there has worked there tail's off, the designers have stayed up half the night working on orders trying to get them done in time for delivery. I've learned how to make a horse shoe. Yeah, the ones that have flowers all over them, that they put on the horses after they've just won. Anyway I hope this week goes well. I had a drivers lesson today. Yeah, I'm seventeen and still don't have my license. Sad I know, but what can I do. I got to drive home on back roads, so I'm pretty happy about that. :) It's only half way through the month. Only a few more weeks till it gets really really busy again! It's sad, I've been enjoying doing normal stuff again. Well, since I can't think about anything else to say, I think I'll just leave it at that. Farewell.

Monday, May 7, 2007

Good and bad news.

Bad news first; Well last week my Grandma fell for the 4th time. She somehow fell out of her bed early in the morning, and hit her face. Her face looks really bad it's all purple. One of her eyes is like Blood shot, there's no white at all in it. She spent the week end in the hospital and hopefully she will soon go back to a nursing home soon. Good news; I got a job! Yay! I'm starting work tomorrow morning at 9. I'm working at a Florist. Which oddly I think the job fits me. I like Plants and flowers. :) Anyway I was hoping this month would go smoothly, but I guess we aren't to that part yet. :( Keep us in your prayers, we are trying to hang in there. p( ^-^ )q Fight!

I <3 all of you! :)