Saturday, August 18, 2007

Our Creation

Well, my Brother and I made lunch today. We kinda just made it up on the spot. It was some kind of beef stir fry. It had Chuck beef steaks, All colors of bell peppers, carrots, onions, mushrooms, jalapenos, and serrno peppers. Everything was sliced thinly. When we added the serrno peppers in to the mix, the smell was so strong in the air, that I had to open the window. If you stood in the kitchen for more then 30 seconds you would start to cough your head off.
My Brother went and got a mask so he could finish stirring it up. It was a lot of fun.
It was really spicy too. We added Szechuan sauce and it made it even more spicy :)
We also had some rice with it. Yummy! My Brother and I love to go buy fresh food and then cook things like this and we always have to take pictures of it. Anway I hope this looks really good to you! Ja!

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Shaina's Wedding

Hey! Sorry it took me forever to get this up. I've been busy working almost everyday at my job. My boss went out of town so, I've had to take care of the shop with the designer. Anyway enough about me. I hope you guys enjoy this. It starts out with the day before the wedding. I watch as they practice out where and what they want the family's to do in the wedding.
I think Shaina and Ryan's wedding is the best wedding I've been to.

How the boys spent their time before the wedding.

the main table

The women and young girls helped alot getting the table ready before the wedding.

Ryan's Parents

Ryan's sister, her hubby and baby.


The Ring bearers

The flower girls

Jim walk Shaina half way down and then walks with his wife April the rest of the way.

Shaina readies herself as she awaits for her bridegroom to make his way to her.

The flower girls wait as Shaina pins on Ryan's Bouquetier

2 out of 3 flower girls

Shaina's Vale blew off and she made a face like "Oh well" she said she wasn't about to run after it.

On there way back down the path... the two family's followed.

Picture time! Shaina forgot Ryan's wedding ring, but they found it later and retook the picture.

Shaina's Family

Ryan's Family

Aww... so sweet :P

Shaina's face she always makes when she's thinking about something.
Shaina and Ryan dancing after the meal.
Shaina and Tom her father-in-law.