Sunday, September 23, 2007

Upton's Tabernacle

Hey! I just got back from the Upton's Tabernacle. It was a lot of fun! Lai and I slept under the stars the last two nights. The first night was the coldest out of the two, but it was the clearest night. Oh, so many stars. *sigh* I think that was the first time I've ever just slept on the ground without a tent. I kept waking up in the middle of the night about every hour or so. I got to see a lot of stars and how the night changed into morning, also I saw 3 shooting stars! The first one was when everybody was at the camp fire, and my brother Josh pointed it out everybody had time to turn and look at it. It was huge! Saturday night the teen's/kids danced we did the posty dance and the virginia reel. Before my family and I left to come home, I got to ride Lai's horse barebacked. Then I got Lai to hop on with me. The horse I guess didn't like where I was sitting on her. So, she lightly bucked us off. Lai, I think got a foot down and I was holding on to her, so I think she slowed my fall. I still landed on my butt and then hit my head. All I saw of hooves I got up as fast as I could.

Our sleeping spot!


Me on Neina trying to get her to walk around without stopping.

After the fall Lai telling Neina "That wasn't nice!"
Lai and I trying again after the fall.