Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Here's some other pictures of my trip to California. We all had a good time learning how to ski and then tubing.

Left: My Uncle Bill, Paul, Jenny, Me, Kara, and Erick.
My cousin Paul and I wanting to go faster.

My Aunt and I tubing.

All of us kids at build-a-bear.

We ate dinner at the rainforest cafe.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Well, I just got back a few days ago from L.A. If was alot of fun. I got to see alot of new things. Going on the trip to Vegas with my Aunt and her Family. It was like 115 there almost everyday. When we got hot from the sun we just would jump into the water. Our Houseboat had a slid so that was fun. We had our own little cove, My Uncle brought their speed boat and alot of water ski's. I tryed to get up on them but, it didn't work :( Anyway I've got more Pic's that I will upload soon. Enjoy them :)

The beach in Manhattan Beach.
New York New York Hotel.
In Las Vegas
The girls... Left: Me, Cousin Jenny, and Kara.
That's how low the water level was.
Looking out from our bay we found. Nice sunset.
Up top with the kids. Left: Erick, Cousin Paul, Kara, and Jen.
Looking from the front to the back.
The back of the boat. The water slid was alot of fun!
Our house boat still at the dock. It's the front.
We had just gotten off a ride that you get all wet. (I think my little cousin has seen to many car magazine's...)
Walking down the street with a true man.
I'm in the Pirates 2 cage. Ahhh!
The Castle
At the end of the day.
A vanilla latte I had at a Italian Restaurant.
A Puff-ball with a hat, it was so cute.