Friday, February 29, 2008

Video of Branson

Hey! My Brother Josh finally got a video together of Sunday afternoon in Branson.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


This is like the first Snow day that my friend has had this Winter. (I think)
My Friend Leta calls me this morning around 9:00 am asking if I wanted to hang out, I'm like yeah sure since you don't have school, so she found her sled that we've only used once, which happened to be the first Winter she got it. There was just enough snow to barely cover the grass so we tried to make a baby snowman. We used her sled to get snow from other places along our road. The neighborhood dog came out to greet us and climb all over us wanting to lick us, we tried to get him to help us dig, but sadly that failed. :( By the time we got enough snow to make our snowman the snow became to hard and wouldn't pack nicely to other wads of snow, so in the end we wound up giving up. We had fun over all, and it was funny to see my friend that hasn't been around a lot of snow interact with it. I did manage to give her a white wash :P *laughs evilly* Hahahahaha! Anyway here's some pictures of what happened this morning. Also the snow is already mostly melted.... yeah that's Tennessee for ya!

Our snow balls we made! Ha Eric I can make a good snowball!

Out in front of my house.

Neighborhood doggy!

Me with my Doggy hat!

My friend Leta

Leta's SnowAngel!

Paw Prints!