Sunday, June 7, 2009

Julia Nunes

Julia will be in Tennessee this month, which just so happens to be where I live. I really would love to go see her and will try my best to make it to one of her shows. I found her sometime last year on and have really enjoyed her music. My parents even got into it, and every time there's a new video that she's put on youtube they want to see it. I watched her for a few months while really wanting to get a Ukulele. Julia and some other peeps on youtube inspired a ton of peeps to pick up the Uke, so much that it was hard to find a good quality Uke anywhere. Of course, my Father and I bought one, the same one that she uses. I'm not all that good on it but have been enjoying it! Check out her channel if you haven't seen any of her videos or haven't heard of her.