Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Back to normal life.

Yay! I'm back to normal life again! My Aunt and her 2 kids are back at there home. Time for me to get back to things I used to do. I will have like over a month of it till June. In June I'll be going to West Virginia, then in late June I'll be going to L.A. to go on vacation with my Aunt on a house boat. It will be a lot of fun :) Right now I'm trying to become a book worm. Today I went for my 3rd driving lesson. :) I got to drive on the road for a little bit this time. (just in a small neighborhood.) It was fun. I want to get to the point where I can drive to Kung-Fu/work. (when I get a job) Anyway the last 2 months have been crazy! I've hated that they have been like that.
My poor Mom was going out almost everyday to go deal with my Gma. I've been stuck at home having to deal with the house work, which is fine with me. Anyway I'll keep trying to update all of you that read this blog. -Sarah

Monday, April 2, 2007

Camping and then...

Hey I just got back from eastern TN, I have fun camping but, it rained. :(
I woke up and my sleeping bag had big wet spots at my feet. So I moved to a different part of the tent, well..... yeah that didn't work. Everywhere I moved to Drip... drip yeah all over me :(
So then I moved in between my brothers and then it started to drip on my face! So, I just sank down into my sleeping bag. Anyway I didn't get much sleep that night. The next day went well.
My brothers and I came back earlier then my Parents. My friend came over and told us that walmart had put Wii's out at 12Am. I called and asked if there was any left. Lucky us there was 1!
I had them hold it for us. So now we have a Wii and Twilight princess. My friend got a Wii too.
My brother and my friend are playing Wii sports (golf) hehe. Anyway this Month is going to be crazy. So I may not get much of a chance to post stuff. I'll try though.