Thursday, August 6, 2009

Mr. Coffee Is No More!

Mr. Coffee broke yesterday, and he wont come back to life! I had just asked him to make Coffee the day before and it worked wonderfully. We did an autopsy on him and we still couldn't find out what happened to Mr. Coffee. Matt, (my brother), said that he would pick up a new Mr. Coffee maker today after work. I can say that our old Mr. Coffee maker has served us well, we've pretty much had him make Coffee everyday since we've gotten him about 1-2 years ago. He's made delicious Coffee, kept it nice and warm, and always ready to reheat the Coffee for us; without complaint I might add. So this is for you Mr. Coffee! You've been a great help to my Family and I when we always needed a "Pick-me-up" or when we just wanted to sit back and enjoy the smell, taste, colour, and effects of Coffee. May you have safe passage to the after life!

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