Thursday, April 30, 2009

In Town

I spent most of the morning in town looking for jobs, while turning in an application. There are only two places in town that have openings. I'm surprised that the florist shops don't need any help since Mother's Day is next weekend most florists higher in extra help; that day is the biggest holiday for florists. I found a Ballroom dancing studio on the square in town; I didn't know it was there, last I knew it wasn't. I hope to get a job and maybe start taking dancing lessons. I made my finally stop at the library after running all over the town. I was surprised to find that they have been buying some of the newer teen fiction; I'm glad that they are keeping it more up-to-date. I return home somewhat disappointed that there weren't more employers looking for applications, but I am glad that there's at lest two places in town looking for applications. I decided to listen to my stomach and fill it with some very good ramen; I then open one of the books I got from the library and start reading away. Over all it's been a good day, I talked to my fiancee, texted with an old friend and I still have kung-fu to look forward to.

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