Sunday, April 26, 2009

Update for most of the month.

The Past Two Weeks:
My brother Matt and I went to the camp in Arkansas; we got to see some really good friends, and meet some new peeps. I got to see my Fiancee, while Matt got to see a girl that he had interest in. They both hooked up over the week there at the camp. Matt's girlfriend's name is Jessica; she's a twin, her sister is Audrey, who also hooked up with a guy named Ivan. Jessica and Audrey's home life is very complicated, but in the end Jessica wound up coming to live with us, while her twin sister went with another family. I have always wanted a sister so I pretty much have one now :) On Wednesday I went home with Nick and stayed at one of his friends house. While I was there Nick had me look for apartments while he was at work. We also looked at a house that was for rent, he's known the owners for years. We wound up getting the house, it's a quant little house. Mom and Dad said when seeing the pictures of the house, that it's a much better place than their first apartment. Nick drove me home after a week and stayed for a two nights; it was a good two weeks. Jessica, Matt, my other Brother Josh, and I went shopping the other day, Jessica needed some more clothes than the clothing she just took to camp. It's nice that Jessica and I are the same size, she's just has longer legs than me. Jessica is also really good at drawing so we got her a sketchbook, gel pens, and a book about drawing, which Matt also wanted. I got a the book "Fragile Eternity by Melissa Marr"
I'm still reading the second book, so I'm trying to hurry through it to start the third :) So far I have been really enjoying those books. Matt's been testing/helping Jessica with her hand eye coordination on video games, she's not doing to bad for not really ever playing any; right now they are playing Halo 3.

My best friend Michelle (I call her my twin) She's getting Married in two weeks. I am part of the Wedding, one of her Bridesmaids. I got my Bridesmaid dress and it's beautiful, I can't wait till the Wedding! Her Wedding will be in North Carolina, somewhere out in the middle of know where... lols.

That's pretty much what's been going on in my life, and what will soon happen, hopefully I'll update sooner.

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