Monday, April 6, 2009

Pile of Books

I have a pile of books on my desk, just sitting there awaiting to be read; most I've gotten about half way through, maybe a little more. Once I get those books read, that are on my desk, I have another pile elsewhere that are the same, awaiting to be read. Most of my time isn't spend well, I sit mainly on my imac surfing the web and playing MMORPG's. I really should be working more on learning an instrument or reading. I have a trip that's coming up, which I'm really looking forward to; the place I'm going you ask? Well, it's a camp West of where I live. I hope my Brother and I will have a great time. There's a little river that runs by the camp, I've been told that it's usually just warm enough to get out there and do everything, but get in the water. I also hope that it's warm enough to at lest do that :)

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